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I'm Ayana 

A Brooklyn bred shopaholic with a passion for polish. I'm here to help you present your best self to the world. 

People often ask me, 

"How are you so put together?"

It wasn’t always this easy. It took some time to grow my brand identity. The more I learned myself, the more keenly I was able to edit my life down to what I truly love. One deliberate choice at a time, I developed my personal brand using training I received right at home...

My childhood is painted with memories of vintage accessories, fabric chalk, and countless measuring tapes.

As the daughter of fashion entrepreneurs, I have over 20 years of experience in identifying quality and understanding fit. Witnessing the process and technique of customization was a daily afterschool activity. As my father profiled his clients, how they wished to feel and be perceived in his garment, directed its design. Observing this ritual time and time again, I developed my sixth sense of fit and a deep regard for presentation. Our weekly routine of merchandising from NYC flea markets trained my eye for quality—an instinct towards pieces fairly priced, beautifully made, and definitively unique. 

More About Me

Considering it all from silhouettes and color palette, to lifestyle and body specs, there’s an art to developing a branded style. I'll help you discover the most sophisticated and unique versions of you. By making deliberate choices, you’ll effortlessly be the most stylish person you know and inevitably build a distinguished brand. Thank you so much for being here with me! I'm thrilled to share with you and excited about your journey ahead. 

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