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hello there!

I'm Ayana

A product strategist and relentless builder here to help you thrive while doing what you love. From figuring out how to target the right audience, to launching your signature product, I’ll be by your side with the guidance you need to get started.

A Brooklyn girl and daughter of immigrant entrepreneurs, I grew my career by solving challenges, connecting the dots, and designing blueprints to spread value. Through my catered programs and guidance, I help creatives, inventors, and abstract thinkers tap into their CEO energy.

Whether it's an idea you’ve been dreaming up, something beautiful you love to make, or a hard to describe specialty invention...

Your ideas are  valuableUse them to fuel

your fullest life and contribute your  best self

to the world.


3 types of people are flirting with starting a product business? Which one are you? 

Imagine confidently navigating your path to a successful product launch, feeling empowered at every step. Dreamy, right? It’s possible and to prove it to you, I’ve created a free resource to get you unstuck. I call it the “Are you ready to start?" Quiz. 

In just a few clicks, you’ll gain clarity on your readiness to launch and receive my insights on your situation. No matter how unprepared you feel, there is something you can do right now to step towards your dream. 

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business therapist

Think of me as your 

I’m an expert listener with an uncanny ability to combat uncertainty with action and keep calm under pressure. My process is anchored in listening to your vision, assessing the work to be done and agreeing on our commitment to your future. 

Building great products requires empathy - we’ll bridge your innovation with a deep understanding of the needs of your future customer. 

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Company Affiliations

Google Cloud 

Booz Allen Hamilton


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more about me...


The power of gratitude, manifestation, talking to strangers, a killer dance party (sometimes solo)


Planning an adventure, happily stuck in a rabbithole, wandering in my neighborhood, rereading my notes in a novel.


Morning meditation, solo walks, journaling, singing in the shower, saying thank you


Let's Work Together

You should be rewarded for the beauty you bring into the world. Together we can turn your specialized craft into a solution customers crave.  

Have We Met Yet?

I’m a Chief Product Officer, 2x COO, and big time

puzzle nerd. I’m here to be the friend in your head with answers and inspiration you need to launch any idea with ease. 

I love leading workshops, moderating panels and producing on stage conversations about complex topics in technology, fine art, and the ethics of it all.

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I do my best work with abstract thinkers ready to take the next leap. 

Which of these best describes you?

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Have questions? Want to collaborate? 

Send us a message!

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Ayana Christie

A product strategist and relentless builder here to help you thrive while doing what you love.

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