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5 Timeless Wedding Guest Rules

These days the kids are making up all kinds of new dress codes. And frankly, I Ain't Mad at Cha.

The catch is: rules serve a purpose. Dress codes aside, there are definitely some traditional wedding guest rules we oughtta nod to. Hope your teacup is ready. 


#1: It's cool to stand out, but don't steal the show. 

Leave the fringe, beads, caped trains and any jewelry that makes noise at home. This is the BRIDE's day.


#2: Rule breaker alert: Black is allowed. 

If the weather is beautiful, I'd love to see you in color. However, wearing black in 2018 doesn't mean your morning the union--wear your black and be the first one on the dance floor. The couple will thank you.


#3: Stay away from white

Your friend's wedding is not the place to wear your new high-low white chiffon. Ivory, cream, light yellow, light grey etc. are all careless choices for that matter. You Bride imposter you.


#4: Experiment with Pants

Especially if the event is cocktail or formal as opposed to black tie you can absolutely play in the world of tailored pants and jumpsuit to your next wedding turn-up. Nothing says badass like a well-fitting pant in your color. Tie in ONE statement piece of jewelry and you'll be album worthy.


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